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Tasas de descuento en proyectos internacionales

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Tasas de descuento en proyectos internacionales
Afi cuenta con una dilatada experiencia en la valoración de empresas y proyectos de inversión tanto a nivel nacional como internacional. En la valoración de proyectos internacionales, la estimación de la rentabilidad exigida a las inversiones (coste de capital) presenta singularidades en relación con la evaluación de proyectos nacionales, habida cuenta de que debe incorporarse el riesgo país como elemento clave en el cálculo del coste del capital.

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Desconocido 02/06/2012, 06:48 h

XuqpzMdpJZAqrE 02/06/2012, 06:48 h

I love Austin Powers the same as I love James Bond films, so yes, highly apopors this moment was, and a fitting tribute to Myer's father. I can't imagine life after losing your parents! It's hard enough living outside their care!
Desconocido 02/06/2012, 06:47 h

DuTLOzVUnpeD 02/06/2012, 06:47 h

In Japan its usually the other way aurond, women slap men. Anybody that tells you Japan is misogynist is totally wrong. Women have much higher status in Japan than in America, and they slap men aurond all the time. Women never slap men anymore in the dumb fucking US.
Desconocido 02/06/2012, 06:27 h

RvXnSqAak 02/06/2012, 06:27 h

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Desconocido 02/06/2012, 06:23 h

vmnxKpUAOnd 02/06/2012, 06:23 h

Why would anyone be susirpred about Doug Duncan? He's just doing the job he's paid to do. It happens in private enterprise all the time when executives switch companies and it's no different in the public realm when they switch jurisdictions (or in his case, to UMCP).I say, give him a special Penguin Coctail (with the alcohol and maybe some xtra ingredients) and he'll forget all about it.
Desconocido 02/06/2012, 06:11 h

Desconocido 02/06/2012, 06:11 h

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